About Us

Afifa, the lead designer and Zain, the CEO and co-founder of their eponymous brand 'Afifa Akhtar Zain' are a couple adored by many across the globe. Their marriage in 2019 was just the beginning of not only a new relationship but also of a lifelong work partnership. They started a personal blog in 2020 on a whim, the success of which, was their first work milestone. Afifa's creativity and Zain's entrepreneurial drive is what gave birth to this brand.

Afifa's passion for great design and creative expression has been evident in everything she does. Her love for simplicity intertwined with scintillating colors and a stroke of chic shined through her makeup looks that she did in her previous venture.

The 'Afifa Akhtar Zain' label too is a beautiful confluence of rich eastern heritage mixed with contemporary simplicity. It is her take on classic couture as she aims to create pieces that keep generations to come, connected to their roots.

The label has come to life after months of hard work; tough, life-changing decisions; and the love and support of all those around Afifa & Zain. They are excited and pumped as they set out on a journey to drape the Pakistani woman in brilliance. The embroidered opulent textiles are a work of art created by mastered artisanship of the Pakistani craftsmen, and inspiration that Afifa takes from everything around her.